Winners of the Architectural Prize of the Mayor of Warsaw competition

During yesterday’s prize-giving ceremony we met all the winners of the Architectural Prize of the Mayor of Warsaw competition. At Teatr Polski, we were joined by the architects, members of design studios and the developers of the buildings nominated for the Prize.


The Jury awarded a total of 21 prizes in the first edition of the competition (2001-2014) – three in each of the seven categories. A single prize was presented in each of the categories in the second edition (2015). A Grand Prix was also awarded in the 2015 edition to the exhibition Reconstruction Disputes organized within the framework of the seventh edition of the Warsaw Under Construction Festival.

Varovians also awarded their own prize for the best architectural project of 2015 for the extension and modernization of the City of Warsaw Public Library at 26/28 Koszykowa Street.


Designers and developers nominated by the audience and competition committee received diplomas, while the winners also received statuettes.